Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Bear Fruit

Greek Word Pronunciation: kar-po-fo-RAY-oh
Strong’s Number: 2592
Goodrich/Kohlenberger Number: 2844
Key Verse: “… the gospel ... bearing fruit and increasing” -- Colossians 1:5,6

Karpophoreo is a single word in Greek, literally meaning “fruitbearing.” It appears as a verb a total of 8 times in the New Testament.

Matthew 13:23, Mark 4:20, and Luke 8:15 all speak of the good spiritual soil producing a huge harvest.

Mark 4:28 says “the soil produces crops by itself,” speaking of gradual spiritual growth, leading to a harvest of spiritual maturity. The plant grows, as the seed spontaneously works according to its own nature. It is literally “self-moved.” It is the same with God’s Word growing in the good soil of the heart. It is all is the work of God.

Romans 7:4, 5 points out the difference between bearing fruit for God, as believers, or bearing fruit to death, as unbelievers. The latter is a vivid picture of the seeds of sin working for death.

Colossians 1:10 refers to believers actively and continually bearing fruit in every good work. This is one way in which we are to walk worthy of the Lord, so as to please Him.

COLOSSIANS 1:5-6, speaks of the “gospel ... bearing fruit and increasing.” This verse is unique in that both verbs are in the middle voice in the Greek language. This points to the fruitfulness of the Gospel by its own inherent power, similar to Mark 4:28 referring to the earth bringing forth fruit of herself; it is self-generating. This can effectively be compared with Isaiah 55:10-11, “As the rain comes from heaven, ... My word ... will not return to Me empty, without accomplishing what I desire, and without succeeding in the matter for which I sent it.” God has as distinct an intention in sending His Word as He has in sending down rain upon the earth. It never fails to produce the effect which He intends. The gospel is no more preached in vain than the rain falls in vain.

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