Thursday, March 29, 2007


Greek Word Pronunciation: pa-GIS
Strong’s Number: 3803
Goodrich/Kohlenberger Number: 4075
Key Verse: “But those who want to get rich fall into temptation and a snare … ” -- 1 Timothy 6:9

This noun comes from pegnumi, meaning “to fix, fasten, make fast and firm, fasten together, construct, build.” Another derivative is pagideuo, meaning “to lay snare for, trap.” The noun, pagis, signifies a net, snare, spring, or pit dug in the ground filled with sharp stakes, and slightly covered over. It is found 5 times in the New Testament.

In Luke 21:34, Jesus warns His disciples to be ready at all times to anticipate His coming; also against the worries of life weighing people down so that “that day will not come on you suddenly like a trap.” Here He likens it to a snare. Birds are caught by a snare or net. It is sprung on them quickly, and when they are not expecting it. When we are called to meet our Lord, all such anxious and worldly cares would cause Him to be the furthest thing from our thoughts.

In Romans 11:9, Paul has been speaking of the fact that Israel is not cast away, but in regard to those who have become hardened (quoting Psalm 69:22), “David says, ‘let their table become a snare and a trap’ …” In this instance, the word “trap” is from the Greek word theras, meaning anything by which wild beasts are taken in hunting. The word “snare” more properly refers to birds. This prediction is applied to the enemies of Christ, meaning that their enmity shall react upon and injure themselves.

Twice, Paul cautions Timothy about Satan’s snare. In 1 Timothy 3:7, an overseer “must have a good reputation outside the church, so that he will not fall into reproach and into the snare of the devil.” Satan likes nothing better than to disgrace God’s work and God’s people by trapping church leaders in sin before a watching world. In 2 Timothy 2:26, Paul refers to brethren who have fallen into false teaching. Ministers are to treat them with patience and gentleness so that “they may come to their senses and escape from the snare of the devil …” False teaching entangles men and they become “intoxicated” with errors and heresies. But God in His grace often salvages the situation through the Christlike ministry of His servants.

In 1 TIMOTHY 6:9, Paul warns about “those who want to get rich fall into temptation and a snare …” Paul contrasts the proper attitude of contentment with its opposites. Those who have the unending desire for riches become so entangled, that they cannot easily escape. Satan sets special snares for preachers, since love of money is characteristic of false teachers. The grasping after riches can choke off spiritual fruitfulness.

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