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Greek Word Pronunciation: TIM-ee-os
Strong’s Number: 5093
Goodrich/Kohlenberger Number: 5508
Key Verse: “… knowing that you were not redeemed with perishable things ... but with precious blood ... the blood of Christ.” -- 1 Peter 1:18-19

Timios comes from a verb that means “to set an estimate on.” The noun and adjective derivations mean honor, respect, and reverence for worthy objects or people, and of being precious, dear, or costly. The proper noun, Timothy (Timotheos), is a compound of the words timios (“honor”) and Theos (“God”).

In the Old Testament, there are twelve Hebrew words that come into the Greek translation for honor, payment, valuables, royal dignity, and honorable conduct. The Old Testament consistently says that someone in an honorable position should have an appropriate personal character. It is also linked with the idea of responsibility, as in Psalm 8:5, regarding humanity being crowned with glory and honor/majesty.

In the New Testament, the adjective timios has a two-fold meaning: “costly” in sense of value, and “highly esteemed.” It is translated as honored, dear, or precious, and is frequently used of things such as stone, wood, or fruit. In Acts 5:34, Gamaliel was honored by all. In Acts 20:24, Paul said to the elders, “I do not consider my life dear to myself.” Hebrews 13:4 indicates that marriage is to be held in honor.

Peter’s writings describe four things of great value deserving highest honor and respect.

[1] The promises are precious (2 Peter 1:4).
[2] Our faith is precious (1 Peter 1:7).
[3] The Son is precious (1 Peter 2:4,6).
[4] The blood is precious (1 PETER 1:19).

The blood of Christ is costly and precious because it is God’s blood (Acts 20:28), for Deity became incarnate in humanity; therefore, it is highly honored by God the Father. It was not silver and gold coins (1 Peter 1:7) that set the Christians free from sin, but the blood of Christ.


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